My thoughts on artificial intelligence, art, and what it means to be human in the content age.
An Essay About Neon Genesis Evangelion
An essay about how we find ourselves in stories and images, and what that can say about where we are in life.
On drafting, writing sex scenes, and becoming unmarketable
Notes on my evolving relationship with Orville Peck.
Notes On The Umbrella Academy
On cities I've never lived in, digital citizenship, and leaving Twitter.
A very long discussion about art, culture, the human soul, and my favorite cartoon marine biologist.
On getting covid, reading Chainsaw Man, rejecting productivity, and tending my garden.
With notes on synthesizing the stories that shape us & the strange nature of forgetting in the digital age.
Notes on Prince, being a role model, and what we can teach others.
With notes on Swedish super groups, vaporwave, sad boy lo-fi hip-hop, and despair.