I found this to largely gel with my own parsing of Eva Part 2.

The one thing that honestly really stuck with me in 3+1 is how much of it felt like, well, Amano/Shinji fusing at the end. The whole bit where they are in the metaphysical space and you are seeing stuff from each incarnation of EVA in it - it really felt like a dual-layer commentary on how both Amano/Shinji are trapped in this endless looping cycle; the many coffins of Kaoru on the moon further echoed that bit.

So yea - at the end, both of them choose to break the traumatic cycle, though on the higher level it feels like Amano moving past having his life defined solely by EVA; freeing both Shinji & himself to move on.

As someone else whose father is...far too close to Gendo, I empathize with that shit. I haven't given up on trying to heal mine, because I have hope anyone can change, but I also recognize if he doesn't respond to my latest efforts, the time will have come to move beyond him.

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This was so incredibly well-written and thought out! As someone with a less than stellar relationship with my dad I appreciate all the hurt you've poured onto the page. It makes me feel less alone.

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May 27, 2022Liked by Magen Cubed

I feel humbled and in awe of the sheer vulnerability you've shown us here, through the lens of both fiction and nonfiction. From someone else who's felt that rare feeling of being *seen* by other series, in different ways, across reboots and over the course of decades, thank you. *Thank you* for allowing me to catch this glimpse of your unique self within the reflections of a series that's become something so huge to so many, by now.

I'm tempted to post a link to something I wrote about my relationship with certain cartoons and their creators, for good or for ill, but I feel that might be taken as a sort of one-upping that I don't intend, to say nothing of how it dives into so many trigger-warning-worthy places. Instead, I'll simply wish you more of whatever helps you find that sense of wanting to keep going, within yourself. To be complex and messy and *alive.*

As reading so many of these newsletters continue to have me believe: I'm so very glad you and I exist.

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May 13, 2022Liked by Magen Cubed

This is amazing. I didnt think I'd see this put into words and you did it so so well. Thank you. ☆

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