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Bravo. Beautiful piece.

I've lived with Evangelion for years and just this week finished watching Rebuild. I was hesitant to see the end, but ultimately liked their choices because they didn't feel cynical or like simple fan service.

What I took away most of all was that the entire thing hits you differently when you have an actual 14 year old boy.

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I understand what you mean, I think. My scars are nowhere near as dramatic, but I have an essay not unlike this one inside me, circling around and around a dozen variations of 'the cold friend who wears glasses' and most particularly a Jeep that might never reach the sunset it's driving toward. I've scribbled out bits and pieces of it from time to time, in my own way, trying to map the constellation of stories that form my bones. Maybe I'll keep trying to do that, because this essay is beautiful, not because it's glorious but because it's alive, and I'm glad you're here to write it.

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