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You write such in depth well thought out posts, I feel it would be a disservice not to leave a comment, because your ruminating thoughts move me, and they tap into things I've been feeling myself, specially with this topic of AI. I want to be able to use for the tedious things that are part of my job, or part of my ideas, (or maybe just to continue to organize my ever growing music collection, downloaded from dubious sources and for which I must tidily add the year, music genre and album cover... but don't I find joy in this task? aren't I the only one getting satisfaction about being so meticulous with my music... wouldn't automating this just open up my time from some other meticulous self-imposed chore which I'm going to enjoy just as much/little).

Or can't I train it to draw in my style? Then all my half-assed sketches will finally see completion, rather than being tucked away in my hard drive. People consume art in 2 seconds as they scroll through a feed, so as long as I'm not ripping off other artists I *think* I'm ok with using AI art generators???


Yes... conflicting feelings overall.

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Thank you for this. I think I needed this. "Art is all I have left as the water rises". I've been getting into Stable Diffusion the last few days and I've been seeing possibilities. I'm not an artist but I'm a hobbyist web developer with a project in mind. Very recently thoughts have been passing through my head like "what if I could train SD to help me design layouts for my pages?" and "Now I don't need to hire an artist to make me a set of default avatars" and "I bet I can get some good brain storming for a logo design before comissioning it".

But now I'm thinking it'll cheapen my work to do that. Not in the "it'll look cheap" sort of way but in the "it's going to poison the act of creation" sort of way.

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This piece is so good, so thoughtful and generous and *deep*. It deserves a real comment, but rn all I'm up for is this brief, dumb one.

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fucking phenomenal.

Those last two lines are gonna live in my chest for some time.

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